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Privacy Policy

We’re doing our best to safely protect your personal information.

  • General Provisions
    • 1- “The term ‘personal information’ means information relating to a living individual that makes it possible to identify the individual by his/her full name, resident registration number, image, etc. (including information which, if not by itself, makes it possible to identify any specific individual if combined with other information)” (Personal Information Protection Act, Article 2 Paragraph 1)
    • 2- The company regards the user’s personal information as something very important, and complies with personal information protection law.
    • 3- The company handles only the minimum amount of personal information required to fulfill the purposes of processing personal information.
    • 4- The company informs you of what purposes the personal information is being used for, what methods it is being used in, and what measures are being taken for its protection through its personal information processing policy.
    • 5- The company sees to it that its personal information processing policy can be easily checked at any time by sharing it on the first page of the company’s main website.
    • 6- The company may revise the personal information processing policy in accordance with changes in related law or internal operational regulations, and in such a case this will be announced through the main website ( (or a separate announcement).
  • Purpose of Processing Personal Information
  • The company processes your personal information for the following purpose. Processed personal information is not used for any purposes other than that stated below, and if the purpose of usage is to change we plan to seek prior consent.
    • 1- Personal information of visitors to the website_ we process the personal information for the purpose of responding to inquiries regarding questions about the company.
    • 2- The company does not process any personal information for which there is a clear concern of infringing upon the data subject’s privacy, such as information related to their thoughts/beliefs, joining/withdrawing from labor unions/political parties, health, or political views without the consent of the user or the stipulation of law.
  • Period of processing and retention of personal information
    • 1- The company retains and uses the personal information until the above purpose of collection and use of personal information has been achieved. – Purpose achievement period_ until the final response regarding the customer inquiry is given
    • 2- If the customer him/herself wishes that personal information be deleted, we will delete the applicable personal information without delay.
  • Types of personal information processed
    • 1- Types of personal information collected_ e-mail address, contact information (phone number)
    • 2- Legislation and grounds for retention_ personal information protection guidelines in related law and enforcement decrees such as the “PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT” and the “ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC.”
    • 3- The following information may automatically be generated and collected during the course of using the services. –service use records (access date/time), access IP information
  • Matters related to the destruction of personal information
    • 1- Once the purpose of the collection/use of collection personal information has been achieved or its retention period has expired, the company destroys the applicable personal information without delay except in cases where its storage is required in accordance with the user’s consent, the terms of use, or related law.
    • 2- The company destroys personal information on paper using a shredder or by incinerating it, and in the case of personal information stored electronically, it is deleted using a technical method that makes it impossible for records of it to be reproduced.
  • Matters related to changes to the personal information processing policy
    • 1- The personal information processing policy is applied from its date of implementation (Sept. 30th 2011), and in the case that there are any modifications, deletions, or additions of changed content in accordance with law and policy, this shall be announced in advance of the changes through a notice.
  • Measures for securing the safety of personal information
  • The company is working on the following technical/administrative measures to secure safety so that customers’ personal information is not lost, leaked, falsified, or damaged while it is being processed by the company.
    • 1- Precautionary measures against hacking, etc.
    • The company is doing its best to prevent users’ personal information from being leaked or damaged due to hacking or computer viruses, etc. We use security systems (SSL, etc.) that safely transmit personal information over networks by using safe encryption algorithms. Also, we control unauthorized external access using an intrusion blocking system, and we are working towards being equipped with all other technological equipment possible for the sake of systemically securing safety.
    • 2- Minimizing and educating of processing personnel
    • The company’s processing personnel related to personal information are limited to those persons in charge of the requisite tasks, and to this end separate passwords are granted and regularly updated. Through occasional education of the persons in charge of the tasks, the company is always reinforcing compliance with its personal information processing policy.
    • 3- The company provides personal information access privileges to only the minimum number of persons required.


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