We keep our promises with society with transparent
governance structure.


Establish systems and systems for practicing business ethics and
practice ethical management


MCNEX pursues growth with all stakeholders, including customers, partners, shareholders, executives,
and communities by committing to ethical management, and further strives to fulfill corporate social
responsibility and create a sound corporate culture.

TRANSPARENCY Transparency based
on principles and
FAIRNESS Fairness in all business
  • Article 1. Employee Ethics
    • 1. Recognize that the actions of individuals are connected to the company’s honor, and do not engage in any activities that damage company’s honor or dignity.
    • 2. Faithfully perform one’s mission in accordance with the vision and policy of the company, and comply with all related regulations.
    • 3. Maintain the assets of the company, keep information related to the company confidential and do not use it without the consent of the company.
    • 4. We promote the development of the company and individuals through ceaseless self-improvement.
    • 5. Do not accept any form of monetary benefit from stakeholders that can impede the fairness of decisions related to one’s duties.
    • 6. Do not engage in any immoral or unethical activities, in relation to everyday life or one’s job, that could be subject to criticism from societ
    • 7. Do not perform and verbal/linguistic, physical, or visual actions that offend others, including sexual harassment violating individual human rights.
  • Article 2. Responsibilities regarding Customers and Shareholders
    • 1. Employees are to always respect the customer and place themselves in the position of the customer while placing the customer as the top priority of all their actions, and must put forth effort to provide the highest quality of service that satisfies the customer’s demands and expectations.
    • 2. Employees must listen to the customer’s opinions, and handle suggestions or companies as quickly and fairly as possible.
    • 3. We must recognize that the growth of the customer is equivalent to the growth of the company and continuously work to be able to offer real value to the customer.
    • 4. Through transparent decision making and efficient management activities, we should create profits and simultaneously increase company and shareholder value.
  • Article 3. Responsibilities regarding Partners
    • 1. Employees must engage in transactions using fair methods and uphold the principle of competition in good faith.
    • 2. Employees are to work towards making sure business is realized justly and fairly from a mutually equal position under the principle of open competition.
    • 3. Qualified partners are selected according to reasonable processes using objective and fair screening standards, guaranteeing equal opportunities.
    • 4. When engaging in new transactions, explanation should be given regarding basic guidelines on transactions with our company and the realization of ethical management.
    • 5. We should make sure evaluation criteria for partners are clear and devote ourselves to securing transparency.
    • 6. We should ensure that the unjust setting, maintenance, or changing of the prices of products or services does not occur, or that unfair practices are not used to unilaterally cut off transactions.
    • 7. We must observe all regulations related to fair transactions and must not engage in any sort of activities that violate these regulations.
  • Article 4. Responsibilities regarding Employees
    • 1. Individual employees’ privacy must be respected and their personal information must not be leaked.
    • 2. The company must take appropriate measures for the sake of the health of employees and their safety while performing their work.
    • 3. The working conditions of minors and minimum working age standards must follow the labor laws in each country as well as international standards.
    • 4. We must ensure that we do not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, age, academic background, religion, region of origin, disability, etc., but realize equal opportunities, assessment, and compensation.
  • Article 5. Responsibilities regarding the Nation and Society
    • 1. The company should contribute to national economic development through continuous job creation and the faithful payment of taxes.
    • 2. We must respect local law and regulations as well as the local community’s culture and traditions, and abide by etiquette and dignity.
    • 3. We must comply with all necessary domestic/international environmental regulations and put forth our best efforts for the sake of environmental protection and the prevention of pollution.
    • 4. We must faithfully fulfill our social responsibilities and continuously promote social contribution activities for the sake of the development of the local community.
  • Article 6. Supplementary Provisions
    • his code of ethics has been amended and implemented as of November 25th 2016, and more detailed regulations are to be set and operated separately.
  • Article 7. Reporting of Unethical Behavior
    • MCNEX accepts reports regarding the unfair operation of business of its employees
      or instances of their corruption and unfair demands taking advantage of their position,
      and processes these reports in a confidential manner. Your valuable words can
      become the cornerstone of MCNEX’s ethical management.
    • 1. Scope of Reporting and Types of Misconduct
    • A. The acceptance of bribes (including money and valuables) or hospitality from a trading partner
    • B. Financial dealings between trading partners and employees
    • C. The embezzling/theft of company funds, the seeking of personal gains
    • D. Matters relating to work discipline
    • E. The leaking of company information (anything concerning the tangible/intangible property of the company, such as business information and materials, etc.)
    • F. Other types of misconduct such as the wrongful carrying out of business, the leaking of labor force, etc
    • 2. Informant Protection and Reward
    • A. Anonymity and confidentiality guaranteed regarding the informant
    • B. Guarantee of the continuance of business with the informant’s business
    • C. Reward money payed - 5 times the reported amount (maximum of 100 million won guaranteed)
    • 3. Reporting Method
    • Recipient: MCNEX auditing division
    • TEL. 070-8630-5607 / FAX. 02-2025-3606
    • E-mail:
    • Post: MCNEX TOWER. 13-39, Songdogwahak-ro 16beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
    • - Regarding your reported content, we will go through necessary procedures such as checking in the related department, etc. and reform ourselves into a trusted company through quick operational reform.
      Auditing division
      Auditor Jang man-ik

MCNEX Co., Ltd. respects the human rights of all stakeholders, including executives and employees, supports international human rights standards and norms such as the International Labor Organization (ILO), the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and implementation principles.

Article 1 (Respect for Human Rights) We respect our stakeholders, including all executives and employees, as human beings, and do not allow mental or physical coercion, abuse, or unreasonable treatment to occur.
Article 2 (Prohibition of Forced Labor) We do not unreasonably restrict the physical freedom of all employees or force them to work against their free will, and do not require the transfer of government-issued IDs, passports or work permits as a condition of employment.
Article 3 (Prohibition of Child Labor) We avoid any labor practices that endanger human dignity and harm, including by complying with the minimum employment age stipulated by the countries and regions in which we do business with, and taking immediate remedies if we become aware of employing minors.
Article 4 (Prohibition of Discrimination) All executives and employees shall not discriminate in recruitment, promotion, compensation, education, retirement, etc. due to social status such as gender, race, age, region of origin, religion, disability, pregnancy, marital status, political orientation, etc.
Article 5 (Working Hours) We observe regular working hours in accordance with the labor laws of the countries and regions where we operate, and do not violate regulations related to overtime and holidays.
Article 6 (Wages and Welfare) We pay more than the minimum wage in accordance with the labor laws of the countries and regions where we operate, and contribute to economic stability and quality of life for all employees by operating a welfare system and in-house funds.
Article 7 (Freedom of Association) We guarantee freedom of association, collective bargaining, and right to act in accordance with the labor-related laws and regulations stipulated in the country and region where we operate, and do not treat unfairly for reasons of union membership and activities.
Article 8 (Protection of Stakeholders' Information) The personal information of stakeholders collected during business activities is strictly kept confidential, and is not transferred to others without prior consent of the stakeholders.
Human Rights The company must support and respect internationally declared human rights protection.
The company makes an active effort not to be complicit in the violation of personnel rights.
Labor The company supports substantial recognition of freedom of association and collective bargaining rights
Eliminate all forms of forced labor
Effectively eliminate child labor
Eliminate discrimination in employment and work
Anti-Corruption The company oppose all forms of corruption, including unfair acquisition and bribery.
  • 01 Registration
  • 02 Review of the Report
  • 03 Launch of
    an Investigation
  • 04 Investigation
  • 05 Closing
  • 06 Share Outcome
MCNEX is operating an ethic management monitoring system to prevent from expanding corruption case as pre-analyzing an occurring risk and to eradicate any factor of corrupt and unfair practices as improving weak process. And MCNEX is taking a strong action to any corrupt and unfair case under the strict and concrete regulation of anti-corruption and educating preventive action to all employees.
MCNEX takes disciplinary action to any employee who involved in a corrupt and unfair case and takes action to a partner company who grants any bribery and valuable goods to an employee to request a report of preventive action of recurrence or inform the termination of contract according to severity of case.
Guide to Use
MCNEX is executing an ethic management in order to be the most reliable company worldwide.
All processes with regard to a corrupt and unfair pratice of employees are treated off-the-record and anonymously. An employee’s report will be a cornerstone of transparent management.
Reporting case
Receiving bribery or valuable goods from a partner company
Related with a work discipline
Direct money transfer between a partner company and an employee
Disclosing confidential information
Embezzlement, theft and individual use of company funds
Corrupt and Unfair pratices of work, scouting
Protecting whistleblowers
Confidentiality - Prohibits disclosing or implying the identity of a whistleblower without the whistleblower's consent.
Protecting your identity - Protecting you from penalties or discrimination from your business associates or departments because of your reporting, testimony, and submissions.
Reduced liability - allows for reduced disciplinary action against the whistleblower if the whistleblower is found to be negligent or at fault in connection with the report.
How to report
To : Cyber monitoring Team in MCNEX
TEL : 070-8630-6960,5607 / FAX : 02-2025-3606
E-mail :
Post: MCNEX TOWER. 13-39, Songdogwahak-ro 16beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
Policy of collecting personal information
1. Personal information to be collected
Name/ Phone no./Gender/ Email address
2. Purpose of collection of personal information
Check an actual fact
Response for a report and allocate key person
All persons have a right to refuse collection of a personal information and in case of refusal, such report may be denied to receive.
In case of refusal, a company may not respond for a report and not settle down in time.
3. Period of use and retention of personal information
In principle, its information shall be destructed right after using a personal information as purposed.
Provided, in case it require to keep some period by related law, it will be kept during such period.
  • Reporter
  • Employee
  • Gender
  • Telephone
  • Subject
  • Description


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