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Improving the Object Detection Rate of Rotating Vehicle Side-View Objects with Prism-Based Dual Sensing Camera System



In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, innovative technologies are redefining our driving habits and vehicle usage experiences. One such innovation gaining attention is the DUAL SCANNING CAMERA SYSTEM. This advanced system has the potential to revolutionize vehicle safety, navigation, and driver assistance, bringing us closer to a smarter and safer fully autonomous driving future.



MCNEX, in collaboration with Corephotonics, a company acquired by Samsung Electronics and holding essential multi-camera patents, has developed an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) known as the 8MP DUAL SCANNING CAMERA to enhance the recognition of blind spots in autonomous vehicles.


The 8MP DUAL SCANNING CAMERA operates by continuously monitoring a 120-degree field of view in front of the vehicle while driving. When objects such as other vehicles or pedestrians are detected on the side, a camera with a 15-degree field of view adjusts a prism to capture curved road and intersection images of the detected object. These images are then transmitted to the control unit, contributing to the overall improvement of autonomous vehicle performance.



A Smarter Driving Environment

The 8MP DUAL SCANNING CAMERA SYSTEM scans the surrounding environment from various angles, effectively extending the driver's field of vision. This allows for quick recognition of obstacles on the road, traffic signs, traffic lights, and the movements of nearby vehicles. This information will contribute to a safer and more efficient driving experience.


Taking a Step Closer to Fully Autonomous Driving

The 8MP DUAL SCANNING CAMERA SYSTEM is a key technology for the future of autonomous vehicles. Through sophisticated sensors and algorithms, the system continuously monitors and analyzes the surrounding environment, helping the vehicle understand and adapt to the driving environment on its own. This will reduce the burden on the driver and contribute to safer road travel.


Using two sophisticated scanning cameras, the system meticulously scans the surrounding environment, capturing real-time data about road conditions, obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles in motion. These two cameras work in tandem to provide a comprehensive and dynamic situational awareness of the vehicle's environment from multiple perspectives.



Here are some of the key functions performed by the 8MP DUAL SCANNING CAMERA SYSTEM


Driving Safety and Collision Avoidance:

The front-mounted camera continuously monitors the road and traffic conditions, detecting obstacles or other vehicles on the vehicle's path. Based on this information, the car can work in conjunction with a collision avoidance system to alert the driver or take emergency braking actions automatically.


Lane Keeping and Lane Change Assistance:

The camera system detects the lanes on the road, supporting the car in staying within the lane. It can also provide warnings if it detects unsafe conditions when the vehicle needs to change lanes.


Pedestrian and Bicycle Detection:

The camera system can detect pedestrians and bicycles, providing warnings to the driver to maintain a safe distance. This is especially crucial in urban areas.


Parking Assistance and Automated Parking:

The rear camera system monitors parking spaces and offers visual guidance to assist the driver in safe parking maneuvers. Some systems may even include the capability to autonomously perform parking maneuvers.


Expanded Field of View:

Various camera systems provide the driver with an expanded field of view of the surrounding environment, enhancing safety in challenging driving situations.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS):

The 8MP DUAL SCANNING CAMERA SYSTEM can serve as a core component of ADAS systems and can contribute to future mobility technologies like autonomous driving.


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